Cancellation Policy

Before making any reservation on, do go through the cancellation policy.

When your booking is confirmed, any cancellation is accountable to certain policies of our website and cancellation will also be charged. The management of the website holds the right to decide the amount to be returned to the customer based on the time left of the service.

Tickets booked are non-transferable and non-refundable:

When any passenger reserves tickets for themselves, they cannot just try to allocate ticket to another person. This is not acceptable and does not comply with our website's policies.

The Electronic ticket issued in an individual’s unique name and is confined to a certain aircraft. Adjustment of the date on the original ticket by any traveler cannot be agreed on. Our officials will require prior notice to your scheduled flight date. Or else you will be charged a cancellation fee amount as decided by our professionals and you will have to accept no matter what.

Complete fares will not be returned. Tickets booked are non-refundable as mentioned in the company’s terms and condition guidelines.The deducted fare will directly be transferred to the account provided while booking the tickets.

For all the services you need to go through the rules and regulations of the website before the commencement of the services. For any related complaints or claims related to any service offered by GorillaFares will be held under the authority of the court.

The process of returning your charges may take a few business days or weeks. You are asked to maintain peace with the undergoing procedure.
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